Xenarthra Minor
Xenarthra Minor
Hit Points 12+
Armour 8
Strength 5
Speed 30-90 mph
Weight 120 T
First Discovered Titan 44
Similar Species Occulus Triplodocus

Termes Malus

They are significantly less resilient and slower than the Gidrus Titanus. They are regular lines of Titans that will fire at your turrets.

They fire explosive shells from their ranged weapons with pretty impressive range, it causes collateral damage to your structures near the point of blast. Fortunately they still prefer to eat your installation at close range. Nanohardening, Shield Generator or Cloaking Device can help.

Still, it's best to pick them up from as far as possible, and as fast as possible. Scanners with Heavy Blasters are the most handy option, because Laser deflect from their heavy armor.