Termes Malus
Termes Malus
Hit Points 8+
Armour 0
Strength 4
Speed 30-90 mph
Weight 60 T
First Discovered Titan 22
Special Traits Clever
Similar Species Occulus Triplodocus

They are significantly less resilient and slower than the Gidrus Titanus. They are some of the beginning lines of Titans that will fire at your turrets.

Theirs weapons have a pretty impressive range, but they fire very slowly and they still prefer to eat your installation at close range. Their round do only two damage, meaning Nanohardening will half their potentiel, and adding Shield Generator to the mix will make them impotent.

Still, it's best to pick them up from as far as possible, and as fast as possible. Scanner is the most handy option, and Lasers can complement it pretty well.