Tank Factory
Tank Factory
Type Robotics
Cost $2500
Requires Droid Factory (with Phase Amplifiers)
Leads To None
Hitpoints 5
Production(?) 1
Effect 1 Tank Droid/7sec

The Tank Factory is a Robotics building in Revenge of the Titans that creates Tank droids. The factory will produce a maximum of 6 tanks and can be enhanced with Reactors to produce more. Tanks are equipped with a Blast Cannon that do 8 damage with 4 AP and are excellent at combating most all Titans.

After researching Advanced Battledroids the last tank produced will be a Laser Tank, identified by a green window and equipped with a beam similar to the Laser turret, even if a lot less destructive (10-40 damage with poor armor penetration).

The tank factory is pretty costly ($2500, $3500 with Advanced Battledroids. Since tank are not very quick, you should put the factory near the problem to solve, in order to maximize its efficiency.

Note: Much like a Refinery, placing a Tank Factory will initiate the first wave of Titans. In addition, the building is subject to a Production limit of 3.

Note: Attacks from Tanks do not incur Titan speed changes such as with the Loricatus Immundus.