Steel Barricade
Steel Barricade
Type Barricade
Cost $20
Requires Concrete Barricade
Leads To Titanium Barricade
Hitpoints 18
Production(?) 30 (60 Max)

Steel Barricades are the second tier of Barricades available in Revenge of the Titans. Steel Barricades offer a 50% increase in strength over Concrete Barricades, but come in slower production. Unlike other buildings you cannot smash Titans by placing Barricades atop them.

With 30 steel barricades per mission, they are still plentiful enough, and don't have additional requirements. This mean Steel Barricades will usually be a good solution if you regulary run out of Concrete Barricade.

Steel Barricades are subject to Production limits, 30 are produced per mission (45 with Extra Barricades) and a maximum of 60 can be kept in stock.