Spreader Cannon
Spreader Cannon
Type Turret
Cost $500
Requires ·Positron Beam Splitter

·Alien Anatomy

Leads To Assault Cannon (with Phase Amplifiers)
Firerate 18-30/min
Damage 4x5
Armour Piercing 0
Ammo 7(+5/Battery)
Reload Time 15s(-2s/Reloader)
Hitpoints 12
Stun Time 1/3s

The Spreader Cannon is a Turret in Revenge of the Titans.

It fires 5 pellets that does 4 damage each. Each titan hit will be stunned for 1/3 second even if it's immune to the pellet's damage. They target titans they can damage first but will shoot at armored targets to stun them.

The pellet does have a fair bit of spread. Not all pellets will hit the target, but it means that each shot can stun multiple titans and more importantly fast titans are far more likely to be hit.

However Spreader Cannon cannot stun Boss Titans at all, and thus is useful only for its damage (providing it isn't immune because of its armor)

Reactor will not increase damage from a Spreader Cannon, nor does Xenobiology or Alien Anatomy. That's why a Spreader cannon can't damage an armored titan.

They are useful for two things :

  • Stunning titans so that they stay in place long enough for your other turret to kill them. Some titans, like Loricatus Immundus are near impossible to catch without that.
  • Doing great damage to unarmored titans. 20 damage per shot is actually not bad at all, and against unarmored titans, only Multi-Blaster and Assault Cannon will outdamage the Spreader Cannon.