Shield Generator
Shield Generator
Type Miscellaneous
Cost $2500
Requires Forcefields
Leads To None
Hitpoints 3
Production(?) 1
Effect +1 Armour

The Shield Generator is a Miscellaneous building in Revenge of the Titans used to make surrounding buildings more resilient.

Shielded building gain 1 armor, meaning they will take one less damage from every hit. Some general rules for buildings armor :

  • it work against everything, unlike Titan armor. It will work against explosives, Disruptor effect, and everything else.
  • it's capped to four. This mean that expanding 5 Strengthen exotic boost is useless.
  • it can reduce damage to zero. Since Titans take damage by attacking, this can sometime turn into a strategy.
  • shieldings DO NOT immunize building from collateral damage from Mines, Rockets, Disruptor and the cretus titan family. Splash damaged reduced but buildings will still go Kaboom from a stray rocket.
  • It does not work against boss. Even if it did, they hit so hard that the building would be one-shotted anyway.

Since the average titan hit for 4-6 damage it can still significantly prolong your building life. It will not help against boss, however. Nanohardening will stack with shield generator.

Since they are sparse and very costly, you should plan theirs uses carefully. Combined with exotic powerup to attein the maximum of 4 armor will turn a difficult level into a joke.

Another use is against Hatchling : they do at maximum two damage and consequently are useless against building with two armor. The Mars wraith are also neutered this way. The subsequent Wraith genus are sadly a lot stronger and won't be so easily dismissed.

Shield Generators are subject to Production limits.