Type Add-On
Cost $500
Requires N/A
Leads To X-Ray Scanner (with Research Grant, Optics)
Hitpoints 3 (24 HP)
Shields None
Effect +1 Weapon Range

The Scanner is an Add-On building in Revenge of the Titans that increases all surrounding Turrets range. The effect of Scanners is cumulative, each Scanner near a turret will increase its range by +1 (e.g. 3 Scanners will add +3 to total range). Radar powerup will also stack with Scanner. Only fours scanners or Radar are effective on a turret.

This addon does not usually increase the damage of your tower; it can help your back tower to hit a target more quickly, to cover more ground with a turret, or to allow your turret to be further from the titans paths (to avoid titans chewing on them). A lot of the time, especially at the start, a good turret placement will replace efficiently the scanner.

The main exception are aggressive or smart titan. Since they will go directly for the turret, Scanner will allow more time to kill thoses targets. Also, on Titan you will encounter ranged attackers. Scanner are then a big help to kill them before they can reduce your turret to rubbles.

Heavy weapons are usually the best targets, since theirs limited number mean you must make the most of them.