Saturn hatchling
Micro Ixodidae
Hit Points 1+
Armour 0
Strength 2
Speed 30-90 mph
Weight 1T
First Discovered Saturn 31
Special Traits Hatchling
Similar Species Micro Ixodidae

Theses smallish titans are spawned by Malus Rex every few seconds. You won't see too much of them however, since Malus Rex are high priority target and the hatchling attack nearby building instead of going for the base, killing themselves doing so.

You shouldn't bother yourself too much with thoses critters. If your droid can bring them down, all the better, but anyway they won't cause too much trouble.

Nanohardening or Shield Generator will reduce theirs already feeble threat to almost nothing. With both, they will litteraly do nothing.

See Hatchling for general rules against thoses.