Saturn is the fourth world in Revenge of the Titans. It is absolutely brutal and re-use most of the nastiness found on preceding worlds in original and often much more efficient way.

A lot of titan can easily inflict some small damage to otherwise well protected buildings : the hatchling generated by Malus Rex, the explosions of Cretus Flamus and the attack from the aggressive Saturnus Effigia will all pass throught wall and can be hard to stop. The Nanohardening will help tremendously with that.

Titans here are far more aggressive than in the first three world, and consequently most titan will go straight to your tower instead of passing by and trying to dismantle your base. Decoy and all sorts of barricades will help you a lot.

On the later part, flying titans appear ; you will need Laser to take care of them, especially since the boss itself is airborne.




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