Type Heavy Weapons
Cost $1500
Requires Explosive Shells
Leads To None
Firerate 15-23/min
Damage 24
Ammo 5(+2/Battery)
Reload Time 30s(-2.5s/Reloader)
Hitpoints 12
Stun Time 1/3s
Production(?) 1 (5 Max)

The Rocket turret is a Heavy Weapons building in Revenge of the Titans. Using explosives research the rocket produces a large area of splash damage; this is effective in destroying close packs of Titans as well as those with armour.

Unlike other turrets the Rocket turret has two ranges, one for maximum and one for minimum. Due to the splash damage produced the turret will not target Titans that are too close. It is vital to ensure that friendly buildings do not exist within the Rocket turret's range window. A stray rocket aimed at a Titan already attacking friendly structures could result in massive damage or even several lost buildings.

Rocket turrets are subject to Production limits, a maximum of 5 can be kept in stock.

They are often tricky to use, since they can destroy your own building rather easily. Make them very remote from your other turret, and cloak the rocket turret if you fear aggressive titans.

Like all explosive damage, the rockets will ignore all armor, kill explosive titans in one hit, do minimal damage to a wraith, and be a lot less effective against a boss (more or less half the damage).

Both Advanced Explosives and Plastic Charge Patterns works on the rockets. Advanced Explosives will also double bonus damage from reactors and Powerup ; it's not overly useful since 48 damage is often overkill anyway.

In older version, the collateral damage from this turret were entirely negated by one point of armor, like the one given by Nanohardening. In 1.80.15, it seem to do the complete 24 damages to building, usualy meaning destroying them in one shot. The interest of the rockets seem consequently close to nil.