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Titans Buildings Research
Xenobiology Refinery Chemistry
Learn about the invaders known as Titans Turrets and other useful buildings R&D required to effectively repel Titans.

Powerups Medals Missions
Supershield Medal Gold Efficiency
List of all one-time use powerups, helpful for winning those tough missions. In-game Achievements worth points and money. Get briefed on missions

Particle Physics
Game concepts and everything else.


Other Topics Edit

Revenge of the Titans Trailer

Revenge of the Titans Release Trailer

Revenge of the Titans Release Trailer

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Recent News
30 May 2013
Patch v1.80.21 - Respec, Sandbox, Easy Mode, and new shader effects
15 Dec 2011
ROTT Patch v1.80.14 - New handling and other tweaks.
16 Mar 2011
ROTT on Steam - Revenge of the Titans is now available on Steam
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