Research Grant
Research Grant
Branch Deliveries
Prerequisite Stronger Coffee
Leads To ·Reinforcements

·Lithium Concentrator (with Battery)
·Liquid Sodium Cooling (with Cooling Tower)
·Nanohardening (with Nanotechnology)
·Precision Mechanisms (with Reloader)
·X-Ray Scanner (with Scanner, Optics)

Effect +$5000 to treasury

"Apply for a research grant, worth $5000 to the war effort."

The Research Grant delivery allows opens the way to several Applied Research items, most notably X-Ray Scanner and Nanohardening. In addition it's the next step in the deliveries research field for Reinforcements. Upon researching this the player will receive a one-time increase to their treasury worth $5000.

Be careful, as the money boost *will* be counted to boost the difficulty level. This can lead to nasty surprise. Because of that, you should try to research this immediatly after a hard level depleted your ressources.