Research Tree

Research leads to new advancements in Revenge of the Titans, allowing new buildings to be unlocked. Each research has a prerequisite that must be unlocked first before moving on to the next one, some technologies have up to 7 prerequisites.

Overview[edit | edit source]

After each mission one unlock will be allowed, whether this is in the Technologies, Delivery, or Buildings section. There are a total of 33 Technologies, 7 Deliveries, and 33 Buildings, making a grand total of 73 available research items. There are 50 missions, so only 50 items will be researched, or roughly 2/3 of them.

Technologies[edit | edit source]

Basic[edit | edit source]

The basic resarch that opens up certain fields of technology.  Chemistry research is geared towards explosives and armor.  Particle Physics focuses on Electricity-based attacks, shielding and add-ons.  Xenobiology focuses on raw damage and special attacks.

Image Name Leads To Needed for Description Effect
Chemistry[edit | edit source]
Basic blue-sky chemistry research leading to new avenues of research.
Particle Physics.png
Particle Physics[edit | edit source]
Basic particle physics research leading to new avenues of research.
Xenobiology[edit | edit source]
Anatomical research to produce more effective weaponry against our adversaries. +1 Damage

Advanced[edit | edit source]

The Advanced research topics are stepping stones for potent buildings or applied research.

Image Name Prerequisite Leads To Needed for Effect
Explosives[edit | edit source]
Exotic Textiles.png
Exotic Textiles[edit | edit source]
Ballistics[edit | edit source]
Explosive Shells.png
Explosive Shells[edit | edit source]
Advanced Explosives.png
Advanced Explosives[edit | edit source]
Double explosive damage
Barometrics[edit | edit source]
Nuclear Fusion.png
Nuclear Fusion[edit | edit source]
Nanotechnology[edit | edit source]
Forcefields[edit | edit source]
Disruptor Shielding.png
Disruptor Shielding[edit | edit source]
Optics[edit | edit source]
+0.5 range
Lasers[edit | edit source]
Alien Anatomy.png
Alien Anatomy[edit | edit source]
+1 armor piercing
Xenopsychology[edit | edit source]
Positron Beam Splitter.png
Positron Beam Splitter[edit | edit source]
Multibarrel Technology.png
Multibarrel Technology[edit | edit source]
None Multi-Blaster
Efficiency[edit | edit source]
Automation[edit | edit source]
Robotics[edit | edit source]
·Advanced Battledroids (with Phase Amplifiers)
Extraction Tuning.png
Extraction Tuning[edit | edit source]
+0.5 extraction rate

·Unrefined Crystals scavenging rate increased to 15%

Applied[edit | edit source]

These Research items give a permanent boost to every building. They consequently are often very powerful, but have numerous prerequisites.  Many require the Extra Coffee Delivery bonus completed.

Image Name Prerequisite Leads To Description Effect
Ionisation Laser.png
Ionisation Laser[edit | edit source]
None +1 Capacitor Range
Lithium Concentrator.png
Lithium Concentrator[edit | edit source]

·Extra Coffee Delivery
·Stronger Coffee
·Research Grant

None +0.5 Ammo Capacity
Liquid Sodium Cooling.png
Liquid Sodium Cooling[edit | edit source]

·Extra Coffee Delivery
·Stronger Coffee
·Research Grant
·Cooling Tower

None +0.5 Fire Rate
Precision Mechanisms.png
Precision Mechanisms[edit | edit source]

·Extra Coffee Delivery
·Stronger Coffee
·Research Grant

None +.5 Reload Rate
Plastic Charge Patterns.png
Plastic Charge Patterns[edit | edit source]


None x2 Blast Radius
Nanohardening[edit | edit source]

·Extra Coffee Delivery
·Stronger Coffee
·Research Grant
·Particle Physics

None +1 Armour
Phase Amplifiers.png
Phase Amplifiers[edit | edit source]
Heavy Blaster ·Advanced Battledroids (with Droid Factory)
·Blast Cannon
·Assault Cannon (with Spreader Cannon)
Advanced Battledroids.png
Advanced Battledroids[edit | edit source]

·Droid Factory
·Phase Amplifiers

None None

·Boosts Droid speed
·Boosts Droid range

·Sergant type last droid
·Decreases Droid production speed
·Increases Droid Factory cost ($1000 to $1500)

·Increases Tank Factory cost ($2500 to $3500)

Extraction Calibration.png
Extraction Calibration[edit | edit source]
Reprocessor None None +10% Income Generated

·Unrefined Crystals scavenging rate increased to 20%

X-Ray Scanner.png
X-Ray Scanner[edit | edit source]
·Extra Coffee Delivery
·Stronger Coffee
·Research Grant

·Particle Physics

- 0.5 scanner range
Make Wraith visible

Deliveries[edit | edit source]

These Research items give an immediate bonus, but has no lasting benefits.  (Except for leading to other research items)

Image Name Prerequisite Leads To Needed for Effect
Extra Coffee Delivery.png
Extra Coffee Delivery[edit | edit source]
Stronger Coffee.png
Stronger Coffee[edit | edit source]
Research Grant.png
Research Grant[edit | edit source]
Reinforcements[edit | edit source]
Extra Mines.png
Extra Mines[edit | edit source]
+50% Mines per level
Extra Barricades.png
Extra Barricades[edit | edit source]
+50% Barricade per level
Special Supplies.png
Special Supplies[edit | edit source]
Gain one of each powerup

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Refining[edit | edit source]

As a general rule of thumb, remember that extraction technology are never required ; you can beat the game with basic refining; without feeling money-starved.

Image Name Prerequisite Required for Description Effect
Refinery[edit | edit source]
None ·Efficiency
·Droid Factory
Research of the extraction and refinement of valuable crystal deposits, to fund the war effort. $10 / 3 secs
Reprocessor[edit | edit source]
·Extraction Tuning
·Extraction Calibration +20% Income Generated.
Collector[edit | edit source]
·Extraction Tuning
·Extraction Calibration
+1 Extraction Rate

Turrets[edit | edit source]

Turrets are your main damage source in Revenge of the TItans.  You will need most, if not all, of these to beat the game.

Image Name Prerequisite Required for Description Effect
Blaster[edit | edit source]
None ·Multi-Blaster
·Blast Cannon
·Spreader Cannon
·Assault Cannon
Fires Blaster Rounds. Ineffective against armoured targets.
Heavy Blaster.png
Heavy Blaster[edit | edit source]
None ·Blast Cannon
·Assault Cannon
Efficiency increases for basic blaster technology to produce armour piercing blasters.
Multi-Blaster[edit | edit source]
·Cooling Tower
·Multibarrel Technology
Blast Cannon.png
Blast Cannon[edit | edit source]
·Heavy Blaster
·Phase Amplifiers
Spreader Cannon.png
Spreader Cannon[edit | edit source]
·Positron Beam Splitter
·Alien Anatomy
·Assault Cannon
Assault Cannon.png
Assault Cannon[edit | edit source]
·Phase Amplifiers
·Spreader Cannon

Heavy Weapons[edit | edit source]

Heavy weapons are all long-ranged turrets, with powerful armaments.  However, production is limited, so it's worth building your defences around them. The laser is practically mandatory to deal with flying pests on Saturn.

Image Name Prerequisite Required for Description Effect
Rockets[edit | edit source]
·Explosive Shells
A long-range, high-powered rocket launcher.  Massive splash damage. Can damage your own buildings
Laser[edit | edit source]
·Particle Physics
A long-range laser.
Disruptor[edit | edit source]
·Particle Physics
·Alien Anatomy
·Nuclear Fusion
Emit a destructive shockwave from the turret ; damage your buildings without Disruptor Shielding

Explosives[edit | edit source]

Mines are good way to release the pressure when there are too many titans, or to finish off stray Titans.  Mines cannot be sold and are not reclaimed after a mission.

Image Name Prerequisite Required for Description Effect
Mines[edit | edit source]
·Cluster Mines
·Blast Mine
Explodes when medium to large titans step on them.
Cluster Mines.png
Cluster Mines[edit | edit source]
·Blast Mine Explodes when any ground titan, including small ones, steps on them.
Blast Mines.png
Blast Mine[edit | edit source]
·Advanced Explosives
·Cluster Mines
Explodes after 5 second when activated ; effectively a mini orbital strike.

Robotics[edit | edit source]

Tanks and droids are a good mobile force to complement your turrets. The Repair Drone is an awesome but expensive way to keep your defences in shape.

Image Name Prerequisite Required for Description Effect
Droid Factory.png
Droid Factory[edit | edit source]
Periodically creates small droids that chase and attack titans, can target small titans
Tank Factory.png
Tank Factory[edit | edit source]
Periodically creates tanks that chase and attack titans
Repair Drones.png
Repair Drones[edit | edit source]
Periodically creates repair drones that repair your buildings

Misc.[edit | edit source]

These buildings have unconvential effects, which can radically change your strategy.

Image Name Prerequisite Required for Description Effect
Capacitor.png Capacitor A player-controlled turret; stuns Titans being attacked; Only weapon effective against Wraiths
Decoy.png Decoy Alien Psychology Attracts and soothes titans; Acts like a second 'target' for the Titans; Only 1 per level is allowed
Shield Generator.png Shield Generator Forcefields Give additional shields to your buildings
Tangleweb.png Tangleweb Exotic Textiles Slows down Titans that walk over them; They are destroyed by Explosives.
Scarecrow.png Scarecrow


Alien Psychology

Scares Titans away from an area.
Cloaking Device.png Cloaking Device

Make your buildings invisible to Titans

Add-ons[edit | edit source]

These buildings augment nearby turrets, making them much more effective at killing titans.

Image Name Prerequisite Required for Description Effect
Cooling Tower.png
Cooling Tower[edit | edit source]
·Multi-Blaster Increase your turret fire rate.
Battery[edit | edit source]
·Capacitor Increase your turret ammo capacity
Reloader[edit | edit source]
Increase your turret reload speed
Scanner[edit | edit source]
·X-Ray Scanner Increase the detection range of your turret
Reactor[edit | edit source]
·Disruptor Increase your turret damage.

Barricades[edit | edit source]

These buildings serve as a buffer between your weak buildings and the titans.

Image Name Prerequisite Required for Description Effect
Concrete Barricade.png Concrete Barricade Steel Barricade
Steel Barricade.png Steel Barricade Concrete Barricade Titanium Barricade
Titanium Barricade.png Titanium Barricade Steel Barricade Nanomesh Barricade
Nanomesh Barricade.png Nanomesh Barricade Titanium Barricade ; Nanotechnology Impedes movement of Hatchlings and Wraiths.

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