Repair Drones
Repair Drones
Type Robotics
Cost $2500
Requires Droid Factory (with Nanotechnology)
Leads To None
Hitpoints 5
Production(?) 1
Effect 1 Droid/10sec

The Repair Drones building is a Robotics structure in Revenge of the Titans that creates Repair Drones.

A maximum of 6 drones will slowly be created from the building at a rate of 1 every 10 seconds. The drones themselves will seek out damaged structures and repair them automatically. They will prioritize targets, ensuring that your Base comes first over less important targets such as Refineries.

They stay at the factory until one of your building is damaged, meaning you should put the factory not too far from what you really want to see repaired.

The reparation cost some money, less so than rebuilding the building once destroyed, but more than enough to be a real strain on your economy. In particular, your base is pretty costly to repair.

The price is 10% of the building base price for 1/6 of HP, or 750$ for 1/10 of the HP of the base.

Repair Drones factory is production limited building and is available only one per mission.