Type Add-On
Cost $250
Requires Nuclear Fusion
Leads To Disruptor (with Forcefields, Alien Anatomy)
Hitpoints 12
Effect +1 Turret Damage

The Reactor is an Add-On building in Revenge of the Titans. Reactors increase the damage output of nearby Turrets by +1.

Blaster, Heavy Blaster, Blast Cannon and Multi-Blaster gain one damage per shot. Rockets also gain one damage per shot, two with Advanced Explosives. Laser gains 20 damage per reactor. Capacitor and Disruptor gain range instead of damage. Lastly, Spreader Cannon and Assault Cannon does not benefit from Reactor at all.

While not being a turret, Droid Factory are affected by Reactor : each reactor allow the factory to build one more droid, and it will build them faster. The same thing is true for Tank Factory and Repair Drones.

Laser and Multi-Blaster gain the most from Reactor, the former because it gains an absurd amount of damage, the second because of its absurd rate of fire.

Reactors are bigger than other addons (the size of a regular turret). Putting them on the outer rim is usually best, since in the spots where you cover all the turret can usually hold 2 regulars addons or one reactor.