Puppygames is a trading name of Shaven Puppy Ltd. and the developer of Revenge of the Titans.


Revenge of the Titans

Droid Assault

Titan Attacks


Codename Battledroid (under development, not released yet)

About the developersEdit

Current Main DevelopersEdit

The main Developers (for Codename Battledroid, the current project) are Cas, Riven, Chaz and Alli.

Cas is one of the coders for Puppygames and was one of the founders.

Chaz is a Graphic designer and the other founder of Puppygames.

Alli also works on Graphic Design

Riven is the other coder.

Developers of Revenge of the TitansEdit

Caspian Prince (cas)

Chaz Willets

Dave Sunerton-Burl

Michael Manning

Steve Legget

and also with special thanks to Brian Kramer

Contacting PuppygamesEdit

To contact puppygames, go to their main feedback form.

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