Production of limited buildings is the amount of buildings that are produced after each mission. For the volume of Production a building has it will have that many (plus any left over from prior missions) available for the next mission. Building sold during mission is immediately in stock and available for deployment. Most buildings do not have Production limits and so are not subject to this statistic (i.e.: can be build infinitely).

For example, Concrete Barricades have a production value of 40, if a player has 40 remaining after a mission they will start their next mission with 80.

There is a maximum number you can hold of a limited-production items. It's either five or two time the mission production. Repair Drones factory is available only one per mission.

On Christmas Mode and Survival mode, you will sometime see special power up that give you an additional share of a limited-production items.

Production LimitsEdit

Building Production per mission Maximum
Rockets 1 5
Laser 1 5
Disruptor 1 5
Mines 40 80
Cluster Mines 20 40
Blast Mine 10 20
Droid Factory 1 5
Tank Factory 1 5
Repair Drones 1 1
Decoy 1 5
Cloaking Device 1 5
Shield Generator 1 5
Concrete Barricade 40 80
Steel Barricade 30 60
Titanium Barricade 20 40
Nanomesh Barricade 10 20