Powerups are special powers that are picked up randomly during missions. They can be used at any time during a mission and will carry over to subsequent missions if not used immediately. Some powerups last only moments while others will last the entire map. You can keep up to 9 of each powerup in stock, the powerups above this level are wasted.

Bonus appear either randomly or after a Titan leader fall. Most of the time they are money bonus ($50 to $500) but you will regulary have short duration Powerups and infrequently exotic Powerups

Powerups[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of powerups and their function.

Short Duration[edit | edit source]

Image Name Description Default HotKey

Smartbomb[edit | edit source]

Orbital strike. Set it off with a click in the middle of the aliens advancing lines. Does 100 armor piercing damage, so will usually kill everything except boss. Also collect powerup and money. F1

Bezerk[edit | edit source]

Gives 10 seconds of super power to your turrets and Capacitors. Increased rate of fire (equivalent to max cooling tower) and unlimited ammo ; if they were reloading they will start firing immediatly. F2

Freeze[edit | edit source]

Freezes all aliens for 10 seconds. This is extremely useful against boss titans. F3

Supershield[edit | edit source]

Renders all of your buildings invulnerable to attack for 10 seconds. This will *not* work against boss titans attack. F4

Repair[edit | edit source]

Repair all your buildings to full structural integrity. F5

Exotic Powerups[edit | edit source]

Exotic Powerups are more rare than normal Powerups. In addition, they last throughout an entire mission. It's usually best to hold them as long as possible, but don't forget them against the harder levels - especially final planet levels. See Strategy for more details.

They can only appear on the map if you have researched the associated powerup research. Before that you will have a regular powerup instead.

Please note that they count against the four powerup limit. If you use one Radar in a level, your tower would only benefit from three Scanner for the same total range increase as four. In short, they allow you to place less addon for the same maximum effect.

This also mean that using more than four of the same exotic powerup is a waste.

Image Name Description Prerequesite Default HotKey
Quantum Flux.png

Quantum Flux[edit | edit source]

Increases the range of all your capacitors. Lasts for the duration of the level. Capacitor F7
Placeholder other.png Plutonium Give the same bonus as a reactor to every factory, turret, and capacitors. Reactor F8
Placeholder other.png Strengthen Gives every building one extra armor. Lasts for the duration of the level. Shield Generator F9

Radar[edit | edit source]

Increases the scanning range of every turret. Lasts for the duration of the level. Scanner F10
Lithium Ioniser.png

Lithium Ioniser[edit | edit source]

Increase the battery size of every turret. Lasts for the duration of the level. Battery F11
Liquid Nitrogen.png

Liquid Nitrogen[edit | edit source]

Better cooling ability for every turret. Lasts for the duration of the level. Cooling Tower F12
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