Occulus Triplodocus
Occulus Triplodocus.png
Hit Points 10-30
Armour None
Strength 5
Speed 6-15 mph
Weight 70 T
First Discovered Earth 05
Special Traits None
Similar Species Occulus Tenius

Occulus Triplodocus is a Titan found on Earth early on. They are similar to Gidrus Gidrus but have much more health. While they are slightly hardier they are also slower than Gidrus Gidrus, allowing more time to pelt them with light Blasters.

They can cause a lot of trouble for new player, because they tend to jam easily when attacked, and that can make them wander on your turrets. Barricades or advanced weapons will remove the problem, but light Blaster is usually fine.

As a side note, they sport actually extremely high HP even compared to end-game titans, since only Malus Malus and Xenarthra Minor have more HP. Theirs slowness and lack of any special characteristics.

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