Occulus Rex
Occulus Rex.png
Hit Points 36+
Armour None
Strength 6
Speed 6-15 mph
Weight 600 T
First Discovered Earth 05
Special Traits None
Similar Species Occulus Enormus

Occulus Rex is the larger cousin to Occulus Triplodocus, both of which can be found on Earth. With three times the hit points as Triplodocus and two times as many as Gidrus Gigantus these Titans pose a serious risk without the advent of higher damage output Turrets.

Because they are slow and resilient, they tend to jam easily and deviate into your tower, especially if you are using the basic Blaster. But the Spreader Cannon and Multi-blaster will chop them to bits, but are somewhat overkill on earth. Of the two, the Spreader Cannon is the better research choice, because the Moon can prove a tough nut to crack without spreader.

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