Occulus Enormus
Occulus Tenius
Genus Occulus
Hit Points 8+
Armour 8
Strength 7
Speed 15-50mph
Weight 340T
First Discovered Moon 16

Occulus Enormus is the first truly aggressive genus you will encounter. Those three-eyed beasts will go directly to your nearest tower or refinery; consequently, barricades or high-powered weapons on the front line will be needed to stop them. They appear on the moon, beginning with level 16.

Unlike their smaller counterparts, they are very heavily armored. Heavy Blasters will not be very efficient; use a combination of Cooling Towers and nuclear Reactors if you don't have Blast Cannons or other heavy weapons to take care of them.

They do have very little life, however, and one or two hit from a Blast Cannon will usually do the trick. Capacitor is another option, which require micro management.

They will attack the nearest target, including Scarecrow. They will try to avoid scarecrow if it's not the nearest building, but will go straight for them otherwise. Since only the leader will do that, either one cannon turret or some Mines will be enough to destroy every Occulus Enormus coming at it.

See Armor for details on how armor works and how to deal with it.