Nanomesh Barricade
Nanomesh Barricade
Type Barricade
Cost $30
Requires Titanium Barricade (with Nanotechnology
Leads To None
Hitpoints 30
Production(?) 10 (20 Max)

Nanomesh Barricades are the fourth and highest tier of Barricades available in Revenge of the Titans (not including Tangleweb. Nanomesh Barricades are 25% stronger than Titanium Barricades.

They also prevent passage of Titan genus such as Hatchling and Wraith which usually bypass barricades. They do not stop flying Titans, however.

Production is severely limited, but useful enough in small gaps where protection against these strains is limited. Still, they tend to be too scarce to be relied upon. Take extra care to avoid collateral damage from Rockets or Mines on them.

To avoid wasting them, try to guess where most titans will direct theirs attacks, to narrow the zone which need to be reinforced as much as possible.

Unlike other buildings you cannot smash Titans by placing Barricades atop them.

Nanomesh Barricades are subject to Production limits, 10 are produced per mission and a maximum of 20 can be kept in stock.