Type Turret
Cost $750
Requires Cooling Tower, Multibarrel Technology
Leads To None
Firerate 180-540/min
Damage 4
Ammo 20(+10/Battery)
Reload Time 20s(-2.5s/Reloader)
Hitpoints 12

The Multi-Blaster is a Turret in Revenge of the Titans that is useful for dispatching waves of unarmoured Titans. Multi-Blasters have the same damage as the standard Blaster turret but their incredible firing rate makes them a major improvement. The turret cannot kill heavily armoured targets and will still need the support of more powerful types against them.

They are the absolute must against unarmored titan, while being somewhat overkill on Earth. Against light armor (~4), they are still very effective with Xenobiology, Alien Anatomy and Reactor. Because of that, they are useful during all the game

They empty extremely fast (about 7 second without addons) and reload slowly, so Reloaders and Battery are a must to avoid them being offline too often.

The Berserk powerup works very well with them since it provides infinite ammo and maximum turret fire rate for 10 seconds, meaning they will fire 90 shots in one berserk. With four reactors, that means 800 damage against a Megatitan or 450 against a Leviathan-Class Titan !