Hit Points Base 250 ; average 850 ; theorical maximum 3195
Armour None
Strength Infinite (see text)
Speed 5-14mph (approximate)
Weight Unknown
First Discovered Earth 10
Special Traits None
Similar Species None

The Megatitans are the first bosses you encounter, and can cause quite a lot of trouble on his first apparence.

It has the common boss feature, most importantly :

  • It can destroy everything, including your base, in one hit.
  • It will come from a randomly chosen lane. The lane will not spawn other titan.
  • It has a big amount of life, depending on the level layout

Since he's unarmored, Multi-Blaster and Laser are the best turret to tear it apart. Berserk and/or freeze are yours best bet if you need powerup, but since he's not too much of a threat, try to avoid using too much of them.

The megatitans are the only titan you will encounter on different planet :

  • Earth 10
  • Moon 15
  • Mars 22 & Mars 24 (two of them will spawn)
  • Saturn 33
  • Titan 41 & 43

However, it will actually quickly be less of a threat than locals titans. Since boss level have more cristal than the other and he can replace very nasty titans spawn, the levels with Megatitan are usually breather level. Except the first one, that is.