This is a list of all Medals in Revenge of the Titans. Some Medals may be awarded once, such as Vanquished 10000 while others can be earned unlimited times (such as Careful)

Image Name Points Reward Description
Medal Registered
500 Registered the game (Ingame only)
Tape and StringEdit
250 Base held together with tape and string at end of mission
Medal Careful
50 $250 Didn't lose a single building (Ingame only)
Medal Pristine
100 $500 Titans didn't even stratch the paint (Ingame only)
Vanquished 10000Edit
2500 10000 Vanquished 10 000 titans
Vanquished 5000Edit
1000 $5000 Vainquished 5000 titans
Vanquished 2500Edit
500 $2500 Vanquished 2500 Titans
Medal Vanquished 1000
Vanquished 1000Edit
250 $1000 Vanquished 1000 Titans
Medal Vanquished 500
Vanquished 500Edit
100 $500 Vanquished 500 Titans
Medal Vanquished 250
Vanquished 250Edit
50 $250 Vanquished 250 Titans
Medal Vanquished 100
Vanquished 100Edit
25 $100 Vanquished 100 Titans
Hoarded $50000Edit
5000 Got $50000 in the bank
Medal Hoarded 25000
Hoarded $25000Edit
5000 Got $25000 in the bank
Medal Hoarded 10000
Hoarded $10000Edit
2500 Got $10 000 into the bank
Medal Hoarded 5000
Hoarded $5000Edit
500 Got $5000 in the bank
Defensive CapabilityEdit
5000 $500 Researched all defenses
5000 $2500 Researched everything
Offensive CapabilityEdit
5000 $500 Researched all weapons
5000 $1000 Researched all science and technology
Dangerous NutterEdit
1000 $500 Researched all explosive tech
Robot Wants KittyEdit
1000 $500 Researched all robotic tech
Spear and Magic HelmetEdit
1000 $500 Researched all turret upgrades
Medal A Problem for our Grandchildren
A Problem for Our GrandchildrenEdit
100 Researched Nuclear Fusion
100 Researched the Decoy Tower
Author of ArmageddonEdit
2500 $1000 Nuked 250 titans from orbit
Medal Bringer of the Apocalypse
Bringer of the ApocalypseEdit
1000 $500 Nuked 100 titans from orbit
Death From the SkiesEdit
500 $250 Nuked 50 Titans from orbit
Medal Dimensional Transgidrifier
Dimensional TransgidrifierEdit
2500 $2500 Turned 100 3-D titans into 2-D titans (by crushing them under your buildings)
Medal Squisher
1000 $500 Squished 50 titans under new buildings
Medal Crusher
250 $250 Crushed 25 Titans under new buildings
Short Arms Deep PocketsEdit
2500 Made $15000 from one level
Tight FistedEdit
500 Made $10 000 profit from one level
100 Made $5000 profit from one level
500 $500 Blew up 500 titans using explosives
250 $250 Blew up 250 Titans using explosives
100 $100 Blew up 100 Titans using Explosives
Phew That Was CloseEdit
500 Giant Titan killed within a few metres of the base
Krispy KremeEdit
1000 $500 Fried 500 titans with the capacitor
Sausages and BaconEdit
500 $250 Fried 250 titans with the capacitor
Sizzle SizzleEdit
250 $100 Fried 100 Titans with the Capacitor
Medal Earth
Earth CompleteEdit
100 Completed the Earth missions
Medal Moon
Moon CompleteEdit
Completed the Moon missions
Medal Mars
Mars CompleteEdit
300 Completed the Mars missions
Saturn CompleteEdit
400 Completed the Saturn missions
Titan CompleteEdit
500 Completed the Titan missions
Medal Bastion
100 Destroyed a Megatitan (Called "Bastion" in Steam)
Medal Protector
150 Destroyed a Leviathan-Class Titan
Medal Defender
200 Destroyed a Gargantuan-Class Titan
250 Destroyed a Behemoth-Class Titan
300 Destroyed the Ultratitan
Medal Batfink
250 $250 Used the shield powerup 5 times
Medal Jim'll Fix It
Jim'll Fix ItEdit
250 $250 Repaired your buildings 5 times
Medal Short Tempered
Short TemperedEdit
250 $250 Used Bezerk powerup 5 times
Medal Toilet Break
Toilet BreakEdit
250 $250 Used the Freeze Powerup 5 times
Medal The Only Way to be Sure
The Only Way to be SureEdit
250 $250 Nuked the site from orbit 5 times
1000 Fully upgraded a turret
Skin of Your TeethEdit
250 Lost 90% of your buildings to the enemy
50 $500 Mined all Crystals in time (Ingame only)
Medal Bronze
25 Completed level at medium difficulty (Ingame only)
Medal Silver
50 Completed level at high difficulty (Ingame only)
Medal Gold
100 Completed level at maximum difficulty (Ingame only)
Perfect WorldEdit
1000 Completed whole world at max difficulty
Perfect GameEdit
10000 Completed all levels at maximum difficulty
Medal Careless
Lost 10 buildings to the enemy
Medal Rash
Lost 25 buildings to the enemy
Medal Reckless
Lost 50 buildings to the enemy
Medal Negligent
Lost 100 buildings to the enemy
Medal Warrant Officer
Warrant OfficerEdit
New rank: warrant officer (Steam only)
Medal Second Lieutenant
Second LieutenantEdit
New rank: Second Lieutenant (Steam only)
Medal Lieutenant
New rank: Lieutenant (Steam only)
Medal Captain
New rank: Captain (Steam only)
Medal Major
New rank: Major (Steam only)
Medal Lieutenant Colonel
Lieutenant ColonelEdit
New rank: Lieutenant Colonel (Steam only)
Medal Colonel
New rank: Colonel (Steam only)
Medal Brigadier
New rank: Brigadier (Steam only)
Medal Major General
Major GeneralEdit
New rank: Major General (Steam only)
Lieutenant GeneralEdit
New rank: Lieutenant General (Steam only)
New rank: General (Steam only)
Field MarshalEdit
New rank: Field Marshal (Steam only)