Maximus Saturnus
Maximus Saturnus
Hit Points 16+
Armour 8
Strength 5
Speed 90-280 mph
Weight 460 T
First Discovered Saturn 30
Special Traits Accelerate, heavy armor
Similar Species Loricatus Gigantus

These are the leaders of the rank-and-file Gidrus Saturnus. They are very much like Loricatus Gigantus : armored and pretty fast.

Unlike theirs smaller brethen Gidrus Saturnus they are pretty heavily armored. This complicates the turret selection against them, since you will need both Spreader Cannon to stop them, Blast Cannon to kill them, and Multi-blaster to take care of the smalls ones.

The Disruptor is also a good option since it ignores armor and has a long range. It's however unlikely to one-shot them, so you still need Blast Cannon to finish them off efficiently.