Malus Malus
Malus Malus
Hit Points 24+
Armour 0
Strength 5
Speed 20-60 mph
Weight 140 T
First Discovered Saturn 30
Special Traits Smart
Similar Species Occulus Tenius

Thoses are the retinues of the Malus Rex. They are smart (they target the nearest turret to attack), they have an ungodly amount of life (two and a half more than the second higher HP titan, the slow Occulus Triplodocus)

You will absolutely need either the Decoy or very solid barricades associated with a lot of Spreader Cannon and Assault Cannon to keep them stunned enough time for your turret to do their jobs. For the actual killing, Spreader Cannon are fine, but Assault Cannon, Multi-Blaster, Lasers, and Disruptor are better.

The decoy will make them (and most other titans) target it instead of your turret, giving you a way to make them go past a row of turret. This is useful because few thing can stand in their path and you can more easily have enough firepower on a kill path than on a single outpost.

Their amount of life should never be underestimated. They have more HP than every leader titan from Mars and they comes in rather big number. And they have Malus Rex as leader, which is the non-boss titan with the most hps, and the only one who can withstand an Smart Bomb without dying.