Loricatus Immundus
Loricatus Immundus.png
Hit Points 4+
Armour 4
Strength 5
Speed 90-280 mph
Weight 60 T
First Discovered Moon 12
Special Traits Armoured, speeds up as it approaches buildings.
Similar Species Gidrus Saturnus

Loricatus Immundus is the first genus of Titan encountered with armour as well as being exceptionally quick. The introduction of this Titan necessitates the research of an armour piercing Turret such as the Heavy Blaster.

Loricatus Immundus also moves in an odd manner, it lurches forward and pauses for a couple of seconds. Once it gets close enough to your buildings it then sprints the remaining distance to attack. They are fast enough to be able to dodge some bullet by exploiting theirs travel time. All of these factors make this genus a formidable opponent for an unprepared commander.

The most efficient way to stop them is the spreader turret, it won't do damage, but the stun stop them so your heavier turret can kill them off. The spreading of bullet also ensure that they will be hit one way or another.

Others solutions are walling off your base completely (they will them bite at your barricades but if you kill them quickly enough they won't do much), or use the Disruptor (that will kill them in one shot usually and have a big enough AoE to catch them even at full speed).

See Armor for details on how armor work and how to deal with it.

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