Loricatus Gigantus
Loricatus Gigantus
Hit Points 20+
Armour 6
Strength 6
Speed 90-280 mph
Weight 480 T
First Discovered Moon 12
Special Traits Armoured, speeds up as it approaches buildings.
Similar Species Gidrus Saturnus

Loricatus Gigantus is the big brother of Loricatus Immundus. They behave similary, but have more life and more armor. The armor mean that non armor piercing will usually be completely inefficient

The most efficient way to stop them is the spreader turret, it won't do damage, but stop them so your heavier turret can kill them off. They can take multiples mines to die, so don't count too much on it. Disruptor is another options, but it's pretty hard to have enough of them in the second world ; also, it's a lot more expensive.

See Armor for details on how armor work and how to deal with it.