Type Heavy Weapon
Cost $1500
Requires Lasers
Leads To None
Firerate 12-20/min
Damage 20-160 (+20 per reactor)
Armour Piercing 0
Ammo 5(+1/Battery)
Reload Time 30s(-5s/Reloader)
Hitpoints 12
Production(?) 1 (5 Max)

The Laser is a Heavy Weapon turret in Revenge of the Titans. Lasers will shoot a beam of light that will hit all targets in their path. Laser turrets are not subject to line of sight limitations imposed by mountain ranges, which makes them particularly effective against flying Titans. Like other Heavy Weapons, the turret has a fairly long range but a far worse detection range; it will only fire once a titan is in its detection range but it may hit titans that are far away. Becuse of this, Scanners help tremendously with lasers.

The laser does 1 to 8 damage per 1/60 second every 1/3 second. Each tick will be reduced by the titans' armor, but the damage has an armor penetration equal to the damage. It means that light armor will not really bother the laser (a 4-armor titan will take on average 80 damage per laser attack, whereas an unarmored would take 90 damage).

Heavily armored targets (8 and more), however, will reflect the laser without harm. The reflection can still kill other titans.

Reactors will add one damage to every tick. Combined with the already huge damage of the laser, this mean the laser is by far the most damaging single-target attack, doing at least 100 damage per hit.

Laser turrets are subject to Production limits, a maximum of 5 can be kept in stock.