Icaronycteris Chiroptera
Hit Points 2-6
Armour 0
Strength 4
Speed 30-90knot
Weight 3T
First Discovered Saturn 38
Special Traits Flying

Icaronycteris Chiroptera is a "Flying" Titan found on Saturn. It's the first Flying foe you will encounter ; it can fly above the mountain and above your turret, and attack by dropping bombs on the building they fly over.

They also drop their bomb when they die. The bomb in every case do extreme damage, often outright destroying turrets and badly damaging everything around them. Fortunately, they does not appear in big numbers. Their bomb do collateral damage on other titans.

The bombs keep the momentum of the titan, so you will need to kill them from pretty far away to avoid completely the blast, or at least from a position far from their paths.

The two option to kill them are Lasers and Capacitor pumped with Reactor for range. The first one is automatique, but is likely to waste ammo on other target, leading to leaks when the laser will recharge. The other one need a bit of micro-management. In both case, a large empty place for bomb to explode in will be needed.