Anyone who emails the support email address about the source code will be ignored, after being hung by the foreskin until sorry.

-cas, Supreme Overlord of Puppy Games


This guide is a tongue-in-cheek look at the files and understanding the process that is creating Revenge of the Titans.

Code StructureEdit

Looking at my code it hardly needs any obfuscation in order to make it obscure and difficult to understand anyway.

-cas, Lead Developer of Puppy Games

The code located in the Ultraworm/src folder and has 3 folders and a lot of XML files.


The \com folder contains the processes and functions common to all Puppy Games titles. 
Edits to this folder are not recommended.


The \net folder contains the visual effects processor, game and ui windows, and network code.


The \worm folder contains the game rules and conditions, and will be the focus of most of our modding efforts.

The XMLsEdit

Using Game AssetsEdit


The game assets are the images, backgrounds, fonts, music and sound effects used in the game.  If the source code is the instructions on making Revenge of the titans, the games assets are the ingredients.


Building the GameEdit



None yet!

Tools and RepositoriesEdit

Revenge of the Titans Repository with JGImage Extractor and Creator

Another Repository