Heavy Blaster
Heavy Blaster
Type Turret
Cost $500
Requires None
Leads To Blast Cannon (with Phase Amplifiers)
Firerate 24-48/min
Damage 6
Armour Piercing 4
Ammo 8(+7/Battery)
Reload Time 10s(-1s/Reloader)
Hitpoints 12
Stun Time 1/15sec

The Heavy Blaster is a Turret in Revenge of the Titans designed to deal with lightly armoured Titans, targets that the standard Blaster can not take out. As Titans become stronger the Heavy Blaster will become less useful in the wake of the next tier Blast Cannon.

It begin to be useful beginning with the earth 4 mission, to kill the Occulus, but start to shine on level 10 (to destroy the boss), and quickly became mandatory on the moon with the advent of armored titans.

They became somewhat obsolete on the later worlds, because Blast Cannon tend to work a lot better against heavily armored target, and Multi-Blaster with reactors is better against low-armor target, the lesser damage being offsetted by the impressive fire rate.