Hatchling titans are titans newborns. That does not mean they are weak, however. Titans begin to send thoses pint-sizeds terror on Mars and will continue on later worlds.

A note on their size : despite being barely visible on your screen, they are more or less car-sized. They are far from being small critters.

Hatchling special rulesEdit

  • Untargetable by regular weapon : your turret can't fire at them. ven if they could, they are immune to theirs bullets. The disruptor shockwave however can kill them.
  • Spawn immunity to blast damage : for one second after spawning rockets and mine will not damage them. This mean they don't immediatly die with theirs creator if you make high explosive use.
  • Avoid regular mines : they don't trip regular mine. Cluster mine *will* be tripped, destroying the offending hatchling. The cluster mine blast however won't damage others hatchlings.
  • Can pass throught barricades : Nanomesh barricade will stop hatchling, but no other barricades will work.
  • Droid vulnerability : droids, being human sized, will have no trouble shooting at them. In fact, they are very likely to kill them in one hit.

Hatchling countermeasuresEdit

There is five main ways to deal with thoses buggers :

  • Battle droid. Try as much as possible to place the factory where you believe the hatchling will come, because they can be distracted by other titans and don't move very fast.
  • Repair droid. Hatchling do very little damage, so repairing everything they attack is very possible.
  • Cluster mine. A very versatile solution, since they can put a dent on other titans, especially armored one. Don't forget that the blast can touch your own buildings.
  • Nanohardening and Shield Generator. Since they only do two damage, armor rating will quickly reduce theirs threats to nothing
  • Capacitors. You are able to manually target and kill hatchlings. If the level has ghosts, you can take care of both with just capacitors.

Hatchling and theirs originsEdit

Hatchling never spawns from spawn points. They are spawned by others titans. Five genus of titans can do the deed :

  • Malus Rex. Theses very durables titans will regulary spawn hatchlings while it's alive. It's a powerful incentive to actually kill them quickly. Thoses unnamed hatchlings will head for the nearest building and add to the destructive potential of Malus Rex.
  • Ultratitan. To be honest, its hatchling will be the least of your concern against him.