Gidrus Titanus
Gidrus titanus
Hit Points 10+
Armour 0
Strength 4
Speed 90-280 mph
Weight 70 T
First Discovered Titan 21
Special Traits Clever
Similar Species Thaumus Audux

Occulus Triplodocus

It's your rank and file average titan. They behave very similarly to the martian Thaumus Audux, but are a very high amount of HP, not unlike Occulus Triplodocus, but significantly faster.

They are unarmored, so Assault Cannon and especially Multi-Blaster should be preferred, as would Disruptor or Rockets since they come in great number. They are both pretty fast and pretty resilient, and are especially dangerous on reload time, since they can very quickly eat your barricades and tower.

They are the only specie on Titan to come from advanced nest, and while troublesome they aren't too special, and should not cause too much problems.