Gidrus Memnonius
Gidrus Memnonius
Hit Points 6+
Armour 0
Strength 4
Speed 15-50 mph
Weight 50 T
First Discovered Mars 21
Similar Species Gidrus Gidrus

Lunarus Lunarus

They behave like the Gidrus Gidrus and Lunarus Lunarus, but have significantly more life, attack in bigger number, and are faster, meaning they are a good bit more deadly than their predecessors. They are the sign that Titans begin to be serious in their attempt to wipe you off the planet.

They are unarmored, and both Blast Cannon and Heavy Blaster tend to be inefficient. Spreader Cannon and especially Multi-Blaster should be preferred, as would Disruptor or Rockets since they come in great number.

They tend to skip road to avoid turret a bit more than previous genus, and Mars in general have less road than the Moon or the Earth. Scarecrow and / or scanner can help in this regard.