Gargantuan-Class Titan.png
Hit Points Base 250HP ; average 850
Armour 8
Strength Infinite
Speed 6-18 mph
Weight ??
First Discovered Mars 30
Special Traits Armoured, spawn Hatchling
Similar Species Regina Ixodidae, Megatitan

The Gargantuan is the Mars boss titan. Heavy armor, impressive life, very slow. It will regularly spawn some hatchlings, but that's more a nuisance than a threat.

As far as bosses go, it's not too bad, but don't underestimate it. Since bosses take reduced damage from explosives and disruptors a ineffective against a single target, the Blast Cannon is the best option. A Heavy Blaster with a lot of Reactors can be a backup. It is immune to Laser, Spreader Cannon, Assault Cannon, and Multi-Blaster because of its high armor.

In both case, don't forget that it will go down far less quickly than the preceding boss. Even though it doesn't have more life, the 8 armor means that weapons will do a lot less damage, and unlike the first two boss there isn't a way to kill it extremely quickly. As always, Berserk and Freeze powerup are your best bet against it.

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