Eridanius Phasmatis
Eridanius Phasmatis.png
Hit Points 2
Armour 0
Strength 2
Speed 15-45mph
Weight ??
First Discovered Mars 28
Special Traits Wraith
Similar Species ·Eridanius Effigia

·Saturnus Effigia

Eridanius Phasmatis is a "Wraith" or ghost-like Titan that cannot be targeted by normal Turrets. The Phasmatis strain is a smaller version of its cousin Eridanius Effigia, both of which are can be very difficult to spot until they actually attack.

These ghosts are invisible to turret normal scanners as well, so they will not auto-target them upon approach. In order to defend against these apparitions a commander will need to employ Capacitors and manually target them as they come within range.

Alternatively one can Research X-Ray Scanner technology which allows all Turret types to target Wraiths automatically (at the cost of overall range).

Other than theirs invisibility, Eridanius are not overly dangerous, with theirs low life and low strength. They are an introduction to titans ghosts and may not cause too many troubles with minimal preparations.

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