Eridanius Effigia
Eridanius Effigia
Hit Points 16-48
Armour 0
Strength 3
Speed 15-45mph
Weight  ??
First Discovered Mars 28
Special Traits Wraith
Similar Species ·Eridanius Phasmatis

·Saturnus Effigia

Eridanius Effigia is the big brother of the smaller Eridanius Phasmatis. They're a lot tougher, but still very resistant, and they still don't hit hard.

As every wraith, they can only be hurt by Capacitor if you don't have X-Ray Scanner. If you do have X-Ray Scanner, Blast Cannon or Heavy Blaster would be best because of theirs innate resistances.

If you don't ignore them, they should cause no real threat with their lowish HP and strengths.