Earth is the first world in Revenge of the Titans and the beginning of the story against the Titans.

It's basically a big tutorial, titans here are not too vicious and it is completely possible to finish the first 9 missions using only the Blaster. You can use this slow beginning to build up the requirement for some powerful tower, like the Rockets.

Don't underestimate the later missions, and on your first playthrought try to pick up something powerful like Spreader Cannon, Cooling Tower, Reactor, Heavy Blaster, or Multi-Blaster. The Multi-Blaster being the best one for this world, but also the most expensive.



  • Mission: 01
  • Titans Discovered: Gidrus Gidrus
  • Titans Encountered: Gidrus Gidrus (1 spawn point)
  • Strategy: You should be fine with one well-placed tower.


  • Mission: 02
  • Titans Discovered: None
  • Titans Encountered: Gidrus Gidrus x2
  • Strategy:


  • Mission: 03
  • Titans Discovered: None
  • Titans Encountered: Gidrus Gidrus x2
  • Strategy:


  • Mission: 04
  • Titans Discovered: Gidrus Gigantus
  • Titans Encountered: Gidrus Gidrus/Gidrus Gigantus x3
  • Strategy: You will encounter for the first time leader titans. They are a lot bigger, and do a lot more damage to your base if you don't kill them. For now, they are very similar to their smaller brethen and should not cause too much trouble.






  • Mission: 09
  • Titans Discovered: None
  • Titans Encountered: Gidrus Gidrus/Gidrus Gigantusx2, Occulus Triplodocus/Occulus Rexx3
  • Strategy: You are at the center, and the titans come from everywhere. Don't panic, put a small group of turrets on the main axes and all should be good. The next level has the same layout, as do most final planet stages.


  • Mission: 10
  • Titans Discovered: Megatitan
  • Titans Encountered: Gidrus Gidrus/Gidrus Gigantus x1, Occulus Triplodocus/Occulus Rex x4, Megatitanx1
  • Strategy: The boss replace a random spawn, so you can't guess from where he will come. Most titans will be pretty slow; however, you can easily add more turrets if a threat arises. The Megatitan needs a lot of effort, and maybe one or two powerups to kill with only the Blaster turret, so don't wait for him to be at your doorstep.