Droid Factory
Droid Factory
Type Robotics
Cost $1000 ($1500 with Advanced Battledroids)
Requires Robotics
Leads To Advanced Battledroids (with Phase Amplifiers)

Tank Factory (with Phase Amplifiers)
Repair Drones (with Nanotechnology)

Hitpoints 20
Production(?) 1
Effect 1 Droid/7sec

The Droid Factory is a Robotics building in Revenge of the Titans that creates Droids. Once built, these Droids will trickle out of the Factory once every 7 seconds up to 6 total (each nearby Reactor increases this cap by 1). Droids are especially effective at combating smaller Titans such as hatchlings, but can support your turret against any unarmored titan.

Regular droids do 2 damages per hit at the same range as an unimproved turret. Time between fire is randomized between 0.5 and 4s, averaging to 2.25s. They DO benefit from Xenobiology and Alien Anatomy.

Researching the Advanced Battledroids technology will increase the range (the same bonus as Optics on towers) and movement speed of droids, but at a higher pricetag and slower production.

With Advanced Battledroids, the Droid Factory will produce an unique Sergeant Droid, a more powerful version armed with a portable Blast Cannon with a green hue that does eight damage per shot with four AP. Needless to say, he can lay waste to most titans. Only one sergent will be active for every factory and he will always be the last to be produced.

Droids move very slowly, so be sure to use them in levels where they do not need to move around as often.

Note: Much like a Refinery, placing a Droid Factory will initiate the first wave of Titans. In addition, the building is subject to Production limits.