Droids are small robots made in the Droid Factory. Droids are mobile firepower, and the regular droid can target the otherwise too small to target Hatchling. Each factory can produce up to 6 droid, plus one for every reactor.

The speed and range of Droids can be increased by researching the Advanced Battledroids technology. This has the negative side effect of making them slower to produce and the Factory itself more pricey.

All droids can't be directed and will choose theirs targets by themselves. They also are pretty slow, so put the factory near where you want them. Titan can attack them.

Droids are not designed to be your main weapon against titan, they are too slow, not powerful enough, and you can't build enough of them. Rather, they are supposed to support your turret and kill the odd titan that go past your protections.


The regular droid do two damage per shot with a reasonable range. They are made to fight against Hatchling and do it well ; they can soften up unarmored Titan but can't hope destory a column of thoses without support.

Advanced droidEdit

After Advanced Battledroids your droid will gain some range and speed. This make them more able to reach threatening titans.

Sergeant droidEdit

After Advanced Battledroids the last droid producted by the Droid Factory will have a green hue and will have a powerful blast cannon that does 6 damage with 3 AP. You won't have a lot of thoses but they can finish off a lot of titan quite easily.

Tank droidEdit

The Tank Factory produce theses tank, that are more or less moving Heavy Blaster. They can repel stray titan and cover your back, but are either too costly or not powerful enough to be your main protection. They do 8 damage with 4 AP.

Advanced tank droidEdit

The Advanced Battledroids, like advanced droid, are faster and have more range, but does not do more damage.

Sergeant tank droidEdit

Like the Sergent droid, this is alway the last tank producted by a Tank Factory if you have Advanced Battledroids. It use a single-target laser that can't go through ennemies, doing 10-40 laser damage per attack. It is quite an improvement over regular Tank droid.

Repair droneEdit

Produced by Repair Drones, they are your only way apart from powerup to repair your building. They stay at the factory until one building is damaged. If Titan tear your building too quickly and don't let the repair drone do their work, you should use Shield Generator or Nanohardening to make them more resilient.