Type Heavy Weapon
Cost $1500
Requires ·Reactor

·Alien Anatomy

Leads To None
Firerate 12-20/min
Damage 24
Ammo 3(+1/Battery)
Reload Time 30s(-5s/Reloader)
Hitpoints 12
Production(?) 1 (5 Max)

The Disruptor is a Heavy Weapon turret in Revenge of the Titans. Disruptors emit an extremely damaging shockwave that is quite effective at killing Titans. Unfortunately the turret will also cause damage to any nearby buildings, making upgrades difficult. This side-effect is negated once Disruptor Shielding or Nanohardening has been researched. (Nanohardening working may be a bug, but is confirmed working on 1.80.15 linux)

Disruptor ignore all armor. However, the Ultratitan is immune to them ; it may be because it emits a disruptor shockwave himself.

Disruptor turrets are subject to Production limits, a maximum of 5 can be kept in stock.

The weapon has two ranges : the detection range and the damage range. The Disruptor will launch an attack only when a titan comes into his detection range, but will damage everything in the (bigger) damage range. Scanner and Optics only improve the detection range (the small circle), whereas Reactor will increase the damage range (the outer circle).