Cretus Flammus
Cretus Flammus
Hit Points base 4 ; 4-12
Armour 12
Strength 4
Speed 15-45 mph
Weight 33 T
First Discovered Saturn 32
Special Traits Aggressive
Similar Species Regina Ixodidae

These bomb-like titans are slow and heavily armored. Blast Cannon can destroy them, but you'd better use Mines, Disruptor or Rockets that will all ignore their armor. They are explosives on legs, so explosive damage will kill them in one hit.

They attack by exploding, damaging everything in the area, so Mines and Rockets are useful for destroying them at long range with less risk to your buildings. They don't explode if you kill them, but their explosions are wide enough to hit building behind wall.

Their explosions do only one damage, which is entirely negated with Nanohardening or Shield Generator. You can consequently stop them completely with a single nanohardened Blaster. This may be considered an exploit, but still work as 1.80.18