Cooling Tower
Cooling Tower
Type Add-On
Cost $250
Requires N/A
Leads To ·Multi-Blaster (with Multibarrel Technology)

·Liquid Sodium Cooling (with Research Grant)

Hitpoints 12
Effect +1 Fire Rate

The Cooling Tower is an Add-On Building in Revenge of the Titans that increases the fire rate of all surrounding Turrets. The effect of Cooling Towers is cumulative, each Tower near a turret will increase its fire rate by +1 (see Effectiveness for amounts).


Turret Base fire rate Fire Rate Increase Max Fire Rate
Blaster 24 +6 shot/minute 51
Heavy Blaster 24 +6 shot/minute 51
Multi-Blaster 180 +90 shot/minute 600
Blast Cannon 24 +6 shot/minute 51
Spreader Cannon 18 +3 shot/minute 31.5
Assault Cannon 18 +3 shot / minute 31.5
Rockets 15 +2 shot / minute 24
Laser 12 +2 shot / minute 21
Disruptor 12 +2 shot / minute 21

The absolute minimum time between shot is 0.1 seconde (600 shot / minute). The Multi-Blaster seem to be exempted from the limitation, and other turret can't realisticaly have such incredible fire rate anyway.


Cooling tower allow yours turrets to empty themselves more quickly, meaning they will kill titans faster but will be more often found reloading. Use manual reloading to make sure all your tower are not reloading at the same time or if they lacks targets.

Both Cooling Tower, Battery, and Reloader have the same final effect : they allow yours tower to fire more round per minute. Cooling tower are a little more powerful on this regard, but equal proportion will maximize the effect.

If a turret is destined to have a lot of downtime, like a cleaning crew that destroy titans that slip through the defense, or that defend scarecrows from aggressives titans, benefit a lot more of cooling tower than battery or reloader, since they will have time to reload manually.