Concrete Barricade
Concrete Barricade
Type Barricade
Cost $10
Requires None
Leads To Steel Barricade
Hitpoints 12
Production(?) 40 (80 Max)

Concrete Barricades are the weakest Barricade type available in Revenge of the Titans. Barricades are handy structures for slowing down and diverting Titans. Unlike other buildings you cannot smash Titans by placing Barricades atop them.

It's unwise to use more than 40 per level, except on the last couple of level. If you don't have enough, researching Steel Barricade or Extra Barricades should help.

On Earth, Moon and Mars they should prove to be resilient enough to stop your foes. On Saturn, they will prove a bit weak on the hottests points of the battle, but will still do well enough on less-assaulted building.

Concrete Barricade are subject to Production limits, 40 are produced per mission and a maximum of 80 can be kept in stock.