Cloaking Device
Cloaking Device
Type Miscellaneous
Cost $750
Requires X-Ray Scanner (with Forcefields)
Leads To None
Hitpoints  ??
Effect Makes buildings invisible to Titans

Cloaking Devices make your buildings invisible to Titans. There are a few caveats:

  • The buildings are invisible, but their threat is not nullified. Typically, cloaked turrets will be avoided as if they were uncloaked, and you will still need to put them on chokepoint or near road to be sure titan will come in firing range.
  • If a titan bumps into a cloaked building, it will be attacked.
  • Main base can't be cloaked. (it would be too easy!)
  • Cloaked Scarecrow continues scare titans and titans don't attack it.

In short, cloaking will work wonders to avoid remote refineries being targeted and destroyed, it will also work wonders to protect a rocket turret while it's reloading, but don't forget its limitations.

Cloaking devices are subject to Production limits.