Type Miscellaneous
Cost $750
Requires Battery, Particle Physics
Leads To Ionisation Laser (with Lasers)
Damage 30 per second
Hitpoints 3

The Capacitor is a Miscellaneous Turret building in Revenge of the Titans. Capacitors differ from other turrets in that you must actively target enemies within their radius.

Titans hit by a capacitor will be stunned for as long as the capacitor fires, and suffer 30 damage per second. This damage will ignore any armor. This is actually a lot of damage, especially against heavily armored titan, but it discharges extremely quickly.

They are effective at killing ghosts like the Eridanius Phasmatis and Eridanius Effigia Titans. This is because you can alway target them with a capacitor, and ghosts are pretty weak.

They are also effective against armored titan leaders like Loricatus Gigantus or Occulus Enormus, allowing you to snipe thoses hard to catch beasts and let your turret concentrate against the smaller menaces.

While they can't fire through moutain ranges and other obstacles, Capacitors can also be useful against Flying titans, because of their nice range when with a Reactor and the fact that they won't waste ammo on other target.

Capacitors can benefit from the Battery Add-On (increases maximum capacity) and the Reactor Add-On (increases range). Note that although the Battery increases the maximum capacity, the Capacitor will still have its standard amount of charge upon placing, which will then slowly recharge up to the maximum capacity.