Buildings are structures used in Revenge of the Titans to fight Titans, generate income, or enhance other functions required to win the game. All buildings are not researched at the start of the game (with the exception of the Blaster turret) and require the assistance of your R&D team.

A small note on buildings' hit points : the number of green bars in game is 1/4 of the real hit point value. When a titan attacks a building, it remove its strength in hit points, usually 4 hit points or one green bar. Individuals buildings information pages will report the hit point value. Buildings, powerups, and research that add "shields" to buildings actually add armor, not hit points.

Building Types[edit | edit source]

There are 8 building types in all, the majority are used offensively against Titans. A proper mix of each type will not only help win the game but is required in some situations.

Refining[edit | edit source]

Refining crystals is an important part of gameplay in Revenge of the Titans. These buildings provide the means to extract the raw material and improve the efficacy at which the task is accomplished.

Refinery.png Refinery
Reprocessor.png Reprocessor
Collector.png Collector

Turrets[edit | edit source]

Turrets are your primary weapons against Titans. While you initially have weaker Turrets to fend off the Titans, more powerful ones will become available when researched.

The "Danger" rating is how threatening the tower is to Titans. The higher the danger a group of turrets poses, the more likely the Titans are to avoid them.

Image Name Cost SHD FireRate Damage Ammo Rload Stun Danger notes
Blaster[edit | edit source]
250 3 24 4 10 10 1/30s 0 Weak and basic
Multi-Blaster[edit | edit source]
750 3 180-540 4 20 20 1/30s 1 Rapid fire, powerful against unarmored titans
Spreader Cannon.png
Spreader Cannon[edit | edit source]
500 3 18-30 4x5 7 15 1/3s 1 Multiple blasts per shot, long stun
Heavy Blaster.png
Heavy Blaster[edit | edit source]
500 3 24-48 6 8 10 1/15s 1 Light Armor Piercing
Blast Cannon.png
Blast Cannon[edit | edit source]
750 3 24-48 8 6 10 2/15s 2 High damage, low ammo capacity, slow reload; Highest armor piercing rating
Assault Cannon.png
Assault Cannon[edit | edit source]
1000 3 18-30 8x7 6 20 1/2s 2 Multiple blasts per shot, stuns and can pierce light armor, great for group killing

Heavy Weapons[edit | edit source]

These larger turrets are classified as Heavy Weapons due to the immense power they have. Production is limited on these buildings so keeping them safe is a high priority.

Image Name Cost SHD FireRate Damage Ammo Reload Danger Notes
Rockets[edit | edit source]
1500 3 15 (+2 per Cooling Tower) 24 (48 w/ Advanced Explosives) 5 (+2 per Battery) 30 (-2.5 per Reloader) 3

Production: 1 Powerful AoE attack. Can cause collateral damage.

Laser[edit | edit source]
1500 3 12 (+2 per Cooling Tower) 20-240 (+20 per Reactor) 5 (+1 per Battery 30 (-5 per Reloader 4

Production: 1 Very powerful single-target damage.  Can burn through multiple weaker enemies. Can attack flying enemy over mountain.

Disruptor[edit | edit source]
1500 3 12 (+2 per Cooling Tower) 24 3 (+1 per Battery) 30 (-5 per Reloader) 4

Production: 1 Powerful area of effect attack which is centered on the turret. Can cause collateral damage, which appropriate research can mitigate

Explosives[edit | edit source]

Mines are one-time use buildings that trigger massive explosions when Titans step on them. Like Heavy Weapons, Mines are subject to Production limits as well.

Mines.png Mines
Cluster Mines.png Cluster Mines
Blast Mines.png Blast Mine

Robotics[edit | edit source]

Robotics buildings are concerned with deploying droid to form a mobile army instead of just relying on immobile defenses.

Droid Factory.png Droid Factory Creates droid foot soldiers, powerful against Hatchlings and useful against unarmored Titans
Tank Factory.png Tank Factory Creates automated tanks, powerful against regular Titans
Repair Drones.png Repair Drones Creates drones that will repair your buildings, prioritizing the most important first.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

The Miscellaneous category contains a mix of turrets, add-ons, and barricades.  These buildings offer unconvential advantages to your defenses.

Capacitor.png Capacitor Decoy.png Decoy
Shield Generator.png Shield Generator Tangleweb.png Tangleweb
Scarecrow.png Scarecrow Cloaking Device.png Cloaking Device

Add-Ons[edit | edit source]

These buildings will improve other your Turret's ability to fight the Titans, by improving range, reload speed, ammo capacity, damage or fire rate.

Scanner.png Scanner Reloader.png Reloader
Battery.png Battery Reactor.png Reactor
Cooling Tower.png Cooling Tower

Barricades[edit | edit source]

Barricades are used to divert and slow down Titans as they advance. They can buy precious seconds needed to reload or finish an enemy off. Not only are barricades subject to Production limits, the higher tier they are the lower their production is.

Concrete Barricade.png Concrete Barricade Titanium Barricade.png Titanium Barricade
Steel Barricade.png Steel Barricade Nanomesh Barricade.png Nanomesh Barricade
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