Blast Mine
Blast Mines
Type Explosives
Cost $100
Requires Cluster Mines, Barometrics
Leads To None
Damage 16
Armour Piercing 100
Production(?) 5
Effect 500m Blast Radius/1 Uses

The Blast Mine is an Explosives building in Revenge of the Titans that must be detonated remotely. The charge also contains a 6 second timer before detonation, meaning target Titans should not already be close to the charge but approaching it.

It is more or less a cheap knock off of the orbital strike. Note that the Advanced Explosives prerequesite means that this mine will always do 32 damage - more than enough to kill every small titan, and perfectly able to kill, or badly wound, their leaders.

Like every explosion, they do damage to your buildings if they are near by, so beware.